Former Hewlett-Packard Vice President Endorses Dr. Ashley Denton’s book, Christian Outdoor Leadership, as a Needed Resource for Business Leaders!

Hal Massey, a former VP at Hewlett-Packard is an avid outdoors-man, a voracious reader, a world traveler, and a fan of Dr. Ashley Denton’s recent book, Christian Outdoor Leadership.  His endorsement is a trumpet call to business leaders who need a tool to help them apply the wisdom of Jesus’ leadership genius to the jungle-like corporate environment of today’s international business.

The lessons in, Christian Outdoor Leadership, are timely and universal. Ashley uncovers and examines in detail absolute truths that apply equally as well in the boardroom as they do in the great outdoors. If you are in a business leadership position you need this book to survive everyday in the wilderness of American business where everything (including morals) gets tested each day. Teams bond in the wilderness just like they do when they face daunting challenges in the office. I highly recommend this book. Reading it will equip you to survive in the many wildernesses we encounter.

–HAL MASSEY, Former Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Integrity Hardware Business

Thanks Hal for your hearty support for Ashley’s new book!

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